Clan Rules

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Clan Rules

Post by PvM Trevor on Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:55 am

1. No multi-clanning. Stay dedicated to our clan!

2. Bump forums. Do this as much as possible so more people can find out about us.

3. Return all items on death of a clan member.
That is if and when the death timer goes away or changes.

4. Don't ask for a rank. Ranks will be earned based on loyalty and loot splitting. (Post drops on the offsite forums for confirmed splits)

5. No flaming. Messing around is one thing but when someone starts to get mad, that will be the end of it. This will result in a 1 hour ban.

6. Never trust anyone with your items or your account. Including trading all ranks, trade items at your own risk. If you need to borrow something or are lending an item, just understand you should get collateral. Don't trust players with your account period, it only leads to bad things.

7. Tanks receive certain loot on PvM trips. Boots for Bandos. Steam Battlestaff for Zammy. Also, players who stun get Holy Elixir at Corp.

8. Respect all staff. Give respect, to get respect.

9. No crashing. Don't crash others, you wouldn't want to be crashed. I don't want to be a clan known for crashing. I think it sets a bad example and makes us look trashy.

10. Star ranks are to be given the loot. All loots will be given to the star ranked player in order to split the loot at the end of the trip evenly to avoid confusion. However if the PvM trip is with players who are 1-3 bananas in rank, you all can split the loot evenly through out the team or designate a player out of the group to give all loots to if you wish.
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