Clan Apply - Akagami

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Clan Apply - Akagami

Post by I Akagami I on Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:42 pm

RSN: I akagami I
Combat level: 116
Attack: 90
Gloves: Barrows gloves
Your prior clan if you had one, and why you left: Didnt have any clan in osrs yet, only country cc for chat.
Favorite thing to boss: I can tank or do dps, but i dont like too much responsability cause sometimes i lose focus really easly.
If referred, by whom: One guy in GE told me about the clan, dont remenber his RSN....
Reason for wanting to join Eternal Pvm: I want and active clan to easly find ppl to go bossing...

A few extra things about yourself:My name is Allan 25years old, i'm from brazil, i was an ironman till a few weeks ago, my english isnt very good but i think it is "understandable", my country dont have many rs players, and is really hard to find partners to go bossing. I have almost every gear needed to pvm and i play alot almost 24/7...

I Akagami I

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Re: Clan Apply - Akagami

Post by PvM Trevor on Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:48 am

I akagami I, your application has been ACCEPTED! Welcome to Eternal PvM and you can join our ingame CC at Eternal PvM. <3 you seem like a really nice guy, glad you want to join.
PvM Trevor

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