Long-Awaited Clan Application - Binary Bomb

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Long-Awaited Clan Application - Binary Bomb

Post by Binary Bomb on Mon May 09, 2016 5:27 pm


RSN: Binary Bomb

Combat level: 111

Attack: 88

Strength: 90

Defence: 90

Ranged: 79

Magic: 82

Prayer: 70

Gloves: Barrows

Your prior clan if you had one, and why you left: Mayhem Makers, Zenith, Nexus, Resurrection, Eruption of Pures, Venom... All PvP/PvM pure clans from 2008-2014. Left because I wanted to play the game as a main.

Favorite thing to boss: Bandos when Doxy is tank, and Mole is relaxing.

If referred, by whom: Vabang

Reason for wanting to join Eternal Pvm: I like the smallish community, and the members seem to be from a high moral standing. Everybody is friendly.

A few extra things about yourself: I'm almost 20, my name is Josh. I've been playing RS for going on 10 years. I play a few other games in addition to RS, message me for my Steam name!

Binary Bomb

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Re: Long-Awaited Clan Application - Binary Bomb

Post by PvM Trevor on Sat May 14, 2016 2:09 pm

Binary Bomb, your application has been ACCEPTED! Welcome to Eternal PvM and you can join our ingame CC at Eternal PvM if you haven't already done so.
PvM Trevor

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